Macon County General Hospital in Lafayette, TN
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Address: 204 Medical Drive
Lafayette, TN 37083
Phone: 615-666-2147
Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
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Macon County General Hospital  

Macon County General Hospital: Providing Top-Notch Hometown Healthcare

In rural areas, some believe quality healthcare can be hard to come by.  Away from the urban sprawl, the multi-story health complexes, and big-name doctors, small town hospitals just don’t keep up with the technological advances necessary to remain at the forefront of quality medical care. Bigger is better!

While it’s true that small town hospitals are not able to provide some of the highly specialized care that Vanderbilt or St. Thomas, or other large hospitals do, some do an excellent job of providing their patients with top-notch, hometown care.

Macon County General Hospital (MCGH) happens to be one of those exceptionally hardworking, high-quality rural hospitals.

Over the past few years, Macon County General Hospital has been working especially hard to meet the growing healthcare needs of the community. Through renovations, new equipment, and updated technology, the hospital here in Macon County is more able than ever to provide its patients with excellent care.

The hospital’s mission to “continually improve our services to meet our community’s healthcare needs” is more than just talk. MCGH has recently made vast and tangible improvements to their facilities and their services.    

During that time, the hospital has brought in state-of-the-art C.T. services (which have recently upgraded to a 16 slice C.T Scanner) and a Mobile M.R.I. which allow patients to receive the care they need without having to drive out of town.

The Emergency Room area and the patient rooms have recently been renovated to better accommodate both the patients and their families.

And according to Dennis Wolford, hospital CEO, “in the last two years we’ve invested over 1.2 million dollars in IT improvements and upgrades.

“We’ve got well renowned quality surgeons from Nashville area who see patients in our specialty clinic and do outpatient surgery right here at Macon County gneralHospital We’ll have people who say ‘I didn’t know y’all did surgery at Macon County general Hospital,’ even though we run that information in the newspaper ads, radio and etc.”

Another service many people are unaware of is the hospital provides state of the art telemedicine services with Vanderbilt and soon Tri-Star hospitals in Nashville area.

“This is the future of healthcare—we’re going more and more into telemedicine. We already have an agreement with Vanderbilt, with their stroke program. We’ve got everything worked out so that if a patient comes in with a stroke our ER doctors have the capability of talking to a neurologist, they have them available 24/7, they can use an ipad, they can look at the patients and send the medicine back and forth, we can administer TPA [a medicine used to treat stroke patients]; that’s all set up back there. So this is a start – this is how we get the specialists to a rural area: through telemedicine,” said Wolford.

“The beauty of that is you have families with transportations issues. We want to meet more of their healthcare needs without going out of town; I feel that’s something we have been able to do.”

We are aware of the fact that we’ll “never offer the specialty services of a Vanderbilt or St. Thomas,” but that doesn’t discourage us from constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our services.

According to Gary Bean, Director of Information Systems, as a result of the $1.2 million investment made in upgrades and improvements, “we’re one of the leading hospitals in Tennessee for our size and even in the country we are in the lead for critical access hospitals and small rural hospitals when it comes to upgrading information technology.”

Thirteen years ago, when Bean started at the hospital, “we had some little workstations, probably six or seven that were just terminals. We had no computers; we had a monitor and keyboard that were hooked to a central computer.”

At that time, there were two stand-alone computers in the hospital. Things have changed drastically since then.

“We conducted an inventory recently and counting computers, servers, printers, scanners, all the pieces of equipment, we now have about 220 pieces of equipment.”

This means that there is now a computer in each one of the hospital’s 25 patient rooms, as well as roll-around computers the nurses use for giving out medication.

With these computers, nurses are able to scan armbands to match the medication to the patient and reduce the risk of patients getting the wrong medication.

The improvements in technology mean that Macon County General Hospital now has fully electronic health records. All patients’ records exist on the computer. This reduces much of the hunting for files and records that can slow down hospital operations.

“We’ve gradually made improvements in IT but major jumps have happened within the past two and a half years or so, and we’re planning on keeping this pace.  As more IT improvements become available to us that we think will help our customers, the people of Macon County, we’ll try to put them in place,” said Bean.

While Macon County General Hospital has worked tirelessly to make improvements that can save lives, they have also maintained the hometown kindness and personal care that brings smiles to their patients faces. It’s this balance of professional excellence and personalized care that makes Macon County General Hospital the kind of small town hospital we can be proud to call our own.

Macon County General Hospital

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